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We offer comprehensive support in which the multidisciplinary expertise of ALTO (legal, tax, accounting), business experience, and a deep understanding of the market by ALTO’s partners are the cornerstones. We provide advisory services in the field of investment entry and exit. Also, we provide advice in determining an appropriate development path, for instance in the area of attracting funding or investors, and then we assist in its implementation.

Initiating business activity

Decisions made at the stage of developing any business venture are most relevant for its further rapid growth. Sometimes, these decisions may even jeopardize the success of the project. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with all data and circumstances that will help them make informed decisions. We advise on the selection of jurisdiction and legal form of business and help to outline the path of future development.

Selecting investors

Attracting valuable investors that are matched to the current development phase of a business (VC, CVC, business angel) is a critical element of every enterprise’s long-term strategy. Not only we offer help in making the right decisions in this field, but also we provide advice in the area of transaction structure and negotiations with prospective investors.


Using external funding sources is a natural element of the business development path. Almost all entrepreneurs must face this challenge. Irrespective of the financing form selected — bank loan, issuing debt instruments, etc. — we support our clients at each stage of the process. We provide advice from the moment of making the decision on incurring debt, through selecting an optimal structure and conducting negotiations with financing entities, to drawing up transaction documentation. We also assist in obtaining public funding.

Business development

By providing services to entrepreneurs who went through the phase of starting a business, we are able to focus primarily on the organizational and structural aspects. We will assist with the legal, tax, and financial part of arranging and optimizing processes. We also offer support in identifying corporate partners for your business, as well as in carrying out reporting and controlling operations.

Investment exit

We will draw up a comprehensive scenario for your investment exit. We can help you find the right partner and provide support in negotiating contract terms and conditions. However, our role does not end with the signing of transaction documents. Following the closure of the investment, we will assist in securing your property and planning next business ventures.

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