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Risk Advisory 鈥 ALTO with new Partner and new service line

Risk Advisory 鈥 ALTO with new Partner and new service line

Premiere of the Made in Poland Report 2024

Premiere of the Made in Poland Report 2024

Poland: A Prime Destination for Businesses Aiming to Contribute to Ukraine’s Recovery

Poland: A Prime Destination for Businesses Aiming to Contribute to Ukraine’s Recovery

ESG at ALTO 鈥 Ewa Solarz will head a new business line

ESG at ALTO 鈥 Ewa Solarz will head a new business line


Sustainable development and ESG are now an integral part of the business landscape, no matter the sector or nature of operations. Among other things, many companies face ESG reporting requirements.

Our consultants assists clients in both taking the first steps in implementing and reporting ESG measures, as well as developing and continuing those already undertaken.

We have extensive experience in advising companies and capital groups from a variety of industries (both industrial and service – including financial). Those operating in Poland as well as these with wide-ranging value chains.


ESG at ALTO 鈥 Ewa Solarz will head a new business line

ESG at ALTO 鈥 Ewa Solarz will head a new business line

Premiere of the Made in Poland Report 2024

Premiere of the Made in Poland Report 2024

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As part of ALTO’s ESG advisory services, we support clients with, among other things, CSRD- and SFDR-compliant double materiality analysis, development of sustainability statements and ESG / sustainability strategies, carbon footprint calculations and creation of SBTi-compliant decarbonization strategies, as well as ongoing ESG support (in the form of outsourcing).

ESG is becoming relevant for more and more entities in Poland. To ensure compliance efficiently and with minimal use of internal resources, consider leveraging ALTO’s ESG advisory services. Our aim is to create value for our clients while making a lasting positive impact on their organization and its surroundings. We offer high-quality services and solutions customized to the specific needs of each business.

What is ESG?

Such an approach is pursued by business through, among other things, actions on ESG, i.e. environment, society and corporate governance in a broad sense. These activities are implemented both through a strategic approach – linking ESG issues to business strategy – as well as by implementing single initiatives for society and the environment, or by increasing its transparency related to sustainability.

Sustainable development is an approach to growth and human development that aims to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This approach is implemented by businesses, among others, through actions related to ESG, which stands for environment, society, and corporate governance in a broad sense.聽These efforts are integrated into business strategies and also executed through individual initiatives aimed at benefiting society and the environment. Additionally, businesses work on enhancing transparency related to their sustainability practices.

New ESG obligations of businesses

The increasingly stringent regulations, such as those from the “Green Deal” package, are the primary drivers accelerating business transformation towards sustainability. One of the earliest and most significant obligations affecting businesses broadly is the reporting requirement, stemming from the Taxonomy Regulation 2020/852, the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), and the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

This directive has created a seismic shift for many entities, mandating a thorough examination of nearly every aspect of their operations from an ESG perspective, regardless of industry. It has elevated the importance of sustainability statements to the same level as financial statements.

ESG and sustainability reporting – which companies do they apply to?

According to the CSRD, sustainability information鈥攑receded by value chain identification and an in-depth dual materiality analysis鈥攎ust be reported by the first group of entities starting in 2024. In the subsequent years, this obligation will extend to additional groups, including large, medium, and small entities. In the final year of CSRD implementation, it will also apply to micro-entities that meet two out of three applicable criteria: relevant balance sheet total, net sales revenue, and average annual employment.

Reporting as defined by the ESRS

The ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) define what and how to report. Complying with the ESRS requires businesses to thoroughly understand these standards and implement new data collection methods from the start of the reporting period. Therefore, it’s crucial to have experts within the organization鈥攐r to outsource expertise鈥攚ho can interpret and apply these guidelines effectively.

Beyond reporting, which essentially aims to describe individual actions, businesses are also focusing on other key ESG topics. These include decarbonization, strategic approaches to ESG, due diligence and human rights throughout the value chain, the closed-loop economy, and many others.


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    Wages for absence and R&D relief


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    200% write-off under R&D relief vs. an individual interpretation

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    Chief Growth Officer

    Kamil is a co-founder and CGO at ALTO. He is responsible for the development strategy of the ALTO group. Additionally, he oversees activities in the area of 鈥嬧媌usiness development and marketing.

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    Aleksandra Bo艅kowska

    Partner & Tax Advisor

    Aleksandra is a partner at ALTO. Before joining ALTO team, she worked in one of the big four companies. For many years, Ola has been advising clients in the financial industry, including in particular insurance companies, payment market institutions ...

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    Marcin Domaga艂a, PhD

    Managing Partner / Risk Advisory

    Marcin is a Managing Partner of the ALTO Risk Adisory business line and an experienced leader whose career has led from the world of science to business.

    Ewa Solarz

    Managing Partner / ESG

    Ewa is the Managing Partner leading the ESG team at ALTO. She specialises in sustainability and ESG consulting.

    Rafa艂 To艂wi艅ski

    Partner & Tax Advisor

    Rafa艂 is a licensed tax advisor with over 15 years of experience. He is also the Head of Personal Tax Services team, operating within the group’s Tax service line.

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