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ALTO among the leaders in the 20th Rzeczpospolita’s Law Firms Ranking

ALTO among the leaders in the 20th Rzeczpospolita’s Law Firms Ranking

Tax strategy in 2022 – don’t postpone it, plan it now!

Tax strategy in 2022 – don’t postpone it, plan it now!

You can recover overstated VAT shown on the receipt

You can recover overstated VAT shown on the receipt

The president signed the holding law

The president signed the holding law


At ALTO people are the key. It is them who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, are able to provide comprehensive support in implemented projects, taking care of the highest quality of services, therefore ensuring a sense of comfort and safety to our clients.

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1000+ cases

We help in both everyday aspects of running a business and in emergencies.

150 people in the team

A constantly growing group of experts can contribute to the success of your company.

10+ years of experience

Our long-standing presence on the market allows us to look at the business from a cross-sectional perspective - we know what to do and how to do it to support you in achieving your goals.

Paweł Fałkowski

Partner & Tax Advisor

Paweł is the firm’s co-founder and partner at ALTO. He is head of the accounting and payroll services department (ALTO Accounting).

Kamil Lewandowski

Partner & Tax Advisor

Kamil is a co-founder and partner at ALTO. He is responsible for the development strategy of the ALTO group. Additionally, he oversees activities in the area of ​​business development and marketing.

Piotr Orczykowski

Partner & Attorney-at-law

Piotr is one of the founders of ALTO and a partner in the firm. Previously, he headed the legal team in one of the largest investment fund companies operating on the Polish market.

Sylwia Kulczycka

Partner & Tax Advisor

Sylwia Kulczycka is a Managing Partner of the TAX business line at ALTO. She specializes in tax advisory services for the life sciences, IT and professional services industries.

Aleksandra Bońkowska

Partner & Tax Advisor

Aleksandra is a partner at ALTO. Before joining ALTO team, she worked in one of the big four companies. For many years, Ola has been advising clients in the financial industry, including in particular insurance companies, payment market institutions ...

Daniel Banach

Partner & Tax Advisor

Daniel is a partner at ALTO. He specializes in tax advisory for financial investors (mainly private equity funds) and for clients from the real estate industry.

Meet Us

Your Business

We work with clients from various industries. No matter the sector – we always care equally responsibly care for both safety and achieving business goals.

See what we have prepared for companies operating in the areas of:

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The real estate industry is constantly changing. To be successful in the real estate sector, entrepreneurs need to take thoughtful optimization measures. This is how we work with our clients.

Enterprises from the Life Science sector do not need "ordinary" tax and legal support. They expect advice on the specifics of this sector. That is what we provide to our clients.

We provide up to date, effective support for one of the fastest growing sectors.

We guarantee multi-faceted assistance to VC / PE funds - both in legal and tax matters. Such comprehensive support allows ALTO’s clients to receive the entire spectrum of services needed for safe and strategic business development.

The insurance sector is one of the pillars of the modern financial market that deserves comprehensive tax and legal care.

Delivering projects for financial markets institutions is one of the most important specializations of ALTO, which our experts have been cooperating with for over 10 years.

The energy sector is of strategic importance for the development of each country - it deserves the highest quality consultancy, precisely fitted to its specific needs.

Logistics companies need not only tax and legal support, but also consulting based on a real business approach. This is what we provide to our clients in the transport and logistics sector.

Your business

Our services


We take care of all tax aspects related to running a business. Safe, comprehensive, always in accordance with the latest regulations.


We support corporate clients in running their business conscientiously. We help companies of all sizes to find themselves efficiently become efficient in the legal reality.


We take over all issues broadly related to the broadly understood accounting as well as human resources and payroll. Out team will not miss any detail that will allow us to optimize your business.


We enable clients to use the tools and applications we have created. They allow you to operate more comfortably and safer safely on a daily basis.

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White List

Just upload a list of VAT IDs and / or account numbers, and ALTOstratus algorithms will check exactly who you are dealing with. You can also upload Elixir-O or MT940 files, and each of these formats will be used by ALTOstratus to query KAS systems and quickly return relevant information to you.


ALTOstratus allows you to easily check the correctness of the prepared JPK files, it helps you to efficiently convert the JPK file to VAT-EU declaration and substantively tests JPK_V7M files.

e-Financial Report generator

Do you need support in the annual reporting of the company’s financial results? The e-Financial Report generator created by the ALTO team, supports our clients by enabling easier and more efficient preparation of these reports. 

e-Financial Report generator

XML Validator

The application checks whether the XML files of certain types comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance, thanks to which the documents submitted to the authorities are guaranteed to be correct.

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    Knowledge base


    13 September 2022

    ALTO is a partner of the 12th Fintech & 11th InsurTech Digital Congress

    ALTO is a partner of this year's autumn edition of the 12th Fintech & 11th InsurTech Digital Congress to be held on 27-28 September at the Westin Hotel in Warsaw, organised by ...

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    ALTO is a partner of the 12th Fintech & 11th InsurTech Digital Congress


    13 September 2022

    Polish Deal 2.0 - what finally changes in PIT after July 1

    In our last article, we described the assumptions of the tax changes contained in the draft act called the Polish Deal 2.0. The amendment was supposed to be a response to the dissa...

    Read more
    Polish Deal 2.0 - what finally changes in PIT after July 1


    12 September 2022

    Reporting deadline for real estate companies is fast approaching!

    The 30 September, reporting deadline for real estate companies, is fast approaching! When fulfilling this obligation, real estate companies face a number of obstacles related, a...

    Agata Małecka

    Read more
    Reporting deadline for real estate companies is fast approaching!


    2 September 2022

    Sylwia Kulczycka Highly Regarded Practitioner in the International Tax Review 2023 ranking

    Sylwia Kulczycka, Managing Partner in the Tax team at ALTO, received the Highly Regarded Practitioner distinction in two areas: 💎 General Corporate Tax and 💎 Woman In Tax ...

    Read more
    Sylwia Kulczycka Highly Regarded Practitioner in the International Tax Review 2023 ranking


    23 August 2022

    Advance payment is subject to VAT when exporting goods to Ukraine

    Advance payment is subject to #VAT when exporting goods to Ukraine, even if the goods cannot be delivered. According to the position of the Director of National Tax Information ...

    Katarzyna Adamowicz

    Read more
    Advance payment is subject to VAT when exporting goods to Ukraine
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    What Happens at ALTO


    22 June 2022

    ALTO among the leaders in the 20th Rzeczpospolita's Law Firms Ranking

    Another year and another success! At ALTO, we are not slowing down - the year 2021 was a time of both growth and implementation of...

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    ALTO among the leaders in the 20th Rzeczpospolita's Law Firms Ranking


    Working at ALTO is not only about carrying out everyday tasks. There are trips, trainings, integrational events… and time spent in a group of nice and creative people. See how we do it at ALTO.

    Earth Day

    Earth Day has been celebrated in many countries for over 50 years. This year's celebrations are intended to draw attention to our shared responsibility - businesses, politicians and citizens - for the ecosystem and to emphasize the need for change. The slogan of the action in 2022 is "Let's invest in our planet". On this occasion, we especially encourage everyone to think about what they can do to live a more eco-friendly life.

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Ukrainians are our neighbors not only geographically - they are next to us here in Poland, they are our associates, business partners and friends.
    Today we want to address all of them: we think about you and we are with you!

    Jak pracuje się w ALTO?

    Magda Papierz
    HR Manager

    Creative tasks motivate her the most so she tries to conduct each recruitment processes in her own inimitable fashion. At ALTO, she appreciates openness in communication and in implementing new ideas.

    Kamila Dzioban
    Administration Specialist

    Kama greatly enjoys working with people, that's why she tries to creatively organize the time spent with her team. She is very fond of challenges and is highly motivated by projects that require high commitment, in which she can test and develop her skills.

    Maciej Kokot

    In our team, Maciek appreciates innovation and the fact that new and creative ideas are welcome due to company’s friendly and supportive approach, where everyone is encouraged to experiment and question the status quo. 

    Aleksandra Bodalska

    At ALTO, Ola appreciates our fine team and the scope of responsibilities that allow her to develop every day. She says that she simply likes what she does. She appreciates the fact that she has people around her from whom she can learn and who want to share their knowledge. 

    Katarzyna Zadroga
    Senior Consultant

    What she likes most about ALTO is the approach to people - the opportunity to develop and deal with what interests her and the fact that the whole team have a common goal.

    Zuzanna Ziembińska
    Social Media Manager

    She greatly appreciates the fact that in ALTO she feels empowered, has a sense of a unique atmosphere and a well-coordinated team. She says that she likes the dynamics of work so that she can learn on via new challenges, but always feels that she can count on the support of her team.

    Berenika Radzik
    Accounting Manager

    She values that she can cooperate with people who are very knowledgeable, have a positive attitude and knows she can always rely on her team.

    Kamila Morawska

    What does she value when it comes to working at ALTO? The fact that she meets amazing people every day who have different skill sets, and thanks to this, the cooperation with them is dynamic and allows her to grow professionally. 

    Urszula Brzezińska-Grzęda
    Senior Associate

    When asked why she joined ALTO Ula replies that she appreciated the openness, good atmosphere and honesty already visible during the interview. She liked the good approach to the employee, but also the fact that she can work with interesting clients on rapidly developing projects.

    Przemysław Gut
    Business Development Director

    At ALTO, Przemek values people above all, for their help and support. He likes the fact that every working day is a team game and that the goal and values are shared.

    Agnieszka Nowakowska
    Senior Consultant

    She decided to join ALTO because she was able to change her previous tasks into various projects and she feels that she can develop, creatively approach the topics covered and work with clients from various industries. She says that before joining us, she heard positive feedback from friends about the atmosphere in our team and she finds out every day that it's true.

    Katarzyna Walczak
    Marketing Manager

    At ALTO, she values interpersonal relations and the atmosphere that prevails here, but above all, amazing independence in leading projects, which allows for an increased dose of creativity.



    Ahoy Pirates! ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️ The best thing is a nice moment spent in the good company of ALTO friends.

    We would like to thank Hasik Rheims & Partners for the joint sailing integration in Ilawa! We are glad you were with us and the weather was as good as the humour. 😊☀️💦

    We are already looking forward to the next #ALTOpirates adventure.


    At ALTO, we prove every day that no obstacle or weather scares us when we play #ALTOgether.

    Congratulations to the daredevil team: Kamila Dzioban, Natalia Zynwala, Ewa Michalska, Tomasz Jabłoński, Karol Herbut, Mateusz Ejchsztet, who completed the RUNMAGEDDON on Saturday, which is not only a run with extremely difficult obstacles to overcome, but above all is a huge challenge for the body and mind!

    We are proud of you!

    Accounting team integration party

    Our Accounting team has grown significantly during the pandemic, so it was time for an integration party!
    We combined business with pleasure and spent the afternoon together at team building workshops and at a joint dinner.


    The first outdoor team building event in 2022 is history! We had fun on the banks of the Vistula River on the atmospheric Barka Warszawska.

    #ALTOSnow A great team at work and a great team on the slope!

    #TeamWork matters regardless of conditions and surroundings.
    Our avid skiers from ALTO went on an integration trip during which they skimmed the slopes and explored glaciers.


    What happened during the summer integration event in ALTO? At the last meeting #ALTOGirlsNight series, we learned how to behave in dangerous situations during self-defense classes for women.

    Bowling integration

    The key to success is a good team at work that turns into good friends after work. As part of the integration activities, our Legal team went bowling.

    Easter eggs

    Preparing together for the upcoming Easter, we used the traditional hot wax technique to decorate colorful eggs.

    Christmas ornaments

    In the frenzy of Christmas preparations at ALTO, we combine business with pleasure. We met in a small group in the office to make a few decorations for the Christmas tree together.