Ongoing legal services for businesses

ALTO provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs at every stage of their activity, irrespective of the legal form of their businesses. We advise both start-ups and mature enterprises. With our experience, we can effectively combine the approach which is typical to an in-house attorney with the support and broad perspective of an external consultant.

Commercial companies law

We have expert competencies as well as a great deal of experience in the field of commercial companies law. We offer support in current corporate matters as well as complex situations that are sometimes related to the conflicting interests between the owners of entities and their authorities.

Capital market

We provide services to entities supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Investment Fund Companies, investment funds, brokerage houses), public companies, as well as entities aspiring to enter the Polish capital market. We offer consulting services in regulatory and transaction matters.

Transactions (M&A, VC, PE)

We support our clients in matters related to performed transactions. We provide advice to both the buying party (the acquirer) and entrepreneurs who, looking for alternative forms of financing, invite external investors such as venture capital or private equity funds to work with them. We perform a comprehensive legal due diligence, provide recommendations as to the method of its execution, and, finally, draw up investment contracts.


Running a business is a constant process of handling developments. We often witness situations in which very active entrepreneurs start losing control over the validity of maintaining a specific structure of entities in which business operations are conducted. Holding too many entities within one organization obviously involves incurring unnecessary operational expenses, and also the need for paying very close attention to any intra-groups settlements. We advise our clients on how to implement their plans in the area of streamlining and optimizing the structure of the group from a legal point of view.

Private Lawyer

This service package is addressed to the most demanding group of clients — managers in large enterprises, company owners, and other individuals holding major financial assets (HNWI). Private lawyer is your personal legal expert who provides assistance to the client and his immediate family members in all major areas of professional and private life. Private lawyer is the ‘first-line’ contact person for legal assistance in virtually all matters — from the finest everyday issues to the weightiest decisions related to large investments or succession. Private lawyer has comprehensive know-how in many legal fields that allows meeting the client’s needs using his own resources, but also, in more complex cases, to identify the moment when expert knowledge is necessary.

IR Compliance (MAR)

We advise public companies in the field of broadly understood stock exchange communication (IR Compliance), with particular emphasis on regulations regarding confidential information, including MAR. The range of services includes current and periodic communication with the market, as well as developing a strategy for stock exchange communication, review of documentation and procedures, development of information policy or drafting publicity guidelines. We also offer support as regards the disclosure requirements during strategic processes such as IPO, bond issues, new strategy, due diligence, M&A, CSR activities, as well as legal support on failure to comply with the disclosure requirements and other borderline or crisis situations. Our offer also includes tailor-made workshops that build awareness and update the knowledge of personnel and key employees in the field of IR Compliance.

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